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One-Year License for DWM-311-B1 - DECS-Y1-LIC

One-Year License for DWM-311-B1 - DECS-Y1-LIC

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Add a one-year license to your D-Link 4G LTE (Cat 4) to Gigabit Ethernet Modem/Bridge (DWM-311-B1).


Key Features





Stay Safely Connected


Cyber attacks can cause network failure for IoT devices. D-Link extends security beyond protecting sensitive information with dual-SIM (quad-SIM for vehicle applications) routers for redundancy to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for mission-critical applications. 

  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Multi-Tenant Access
  • Role-Based Administration
  • Dual-SIM Redundancy

Network Management Efficiency


Mission-critical applications are downtime intolerant. Automated network task services alleviate administrators of routine tasks, allotting more time for network monitoring and preventive maintenance. D-ECS also features automatic failure detection and alerts to resolve network issues quickly and efficiently.

  • Configuration Updates
  • Scheduled Firmware Upgrades
  • Failure Detection/Alert
  • Automated Reports
  • Routine Reboots

Effortless Network Expansions


D-ECS takes scalability to a higher standard with Zero Touch Deployment using cloud management for effortless network expansions. Able to support a virtually unlimited number of edge devices, D-ECS is ideal for managing LTE/5G networks.

  • Zero Touch Deployment
  • On-Demand Scalability
  • Unlimited Network Expansions
  • Batch Cloud Configuration

Network Status at A Glance

D-ECS enables a comprehensive view of network infrastructure at a glance with real-time monitoring and status reports. All edge device locations are also conveniently shown in an integrated Google map display.

  • Map Display of Network Nodes
  • GPS Location & Route History
  • Event Filtering
  • Searchable Event Log
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