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30-Port Lite Layer 3 Stackable Managed Switch - DGS-3130-30S

30-Port Lite Layer 3 Stackable Managed Switch - DGS-3130-30S

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Lite Layer 3 stackable managed switch for a secure enterprise or metro Ethernet access network.

  • 24 x SFP ports
  • 2 x 10GBASE-T and 4 x 10G SFP+ ports provide all the uplink capacity your network needs
  • Premium L2 and L3 features effortlessly improve network efficiency and reduce unnecessary data transfer
  • High redundancy features to provide professional-grade reliability and a longer product life:
    — Dual power inputs

    — Ethernet Ring Protection Switching with <50ms recovery time

    — 6 kV surge protection protects the device and those connected from unexpected surges

    — 802.1d/w/s Spanning Tree Protocol avoids potentially network crippling loops
  • RIP/RIPng and OSFPv2/v3 dynamically map out your network, aiding data to get to its destination via the fastest route possible.
  • Expand capacity in a flash with physical stacking up to 9 units
  • 80 Gbps per device physical stacking bandwidth
  • The Smart fan self-adjusts accordingly to maintain optimal operating temperatures

Adaptable, Bottleneck-Free 10G Business Connectivity

The DGS-3130 Series is a highly versatile Lite Layer 3 stackable switch. Including powerful L2 & L3 features, as well as support for multiple software images, it is highly pliant, capable of accommodating different network deployments.

With network bottlenecks on the rise, the DGS-3130 Series's six 10 Gigabit uplink ports are an ideal solution. Business can flexibly increase their bandwidth with flexibility to incrementally meet growing bandwidth demands.


Dimension 440(W) x 44(H) x 250(D) mm
Weight 3.21Kg
Operation Temperature 0 ~ 50 °C
Storage Temperature - 40 ~ 70 °C
Operating Altitude 2000m
Operation Humidity 10% ~ 90% RH
Storage Humidity 5% ~ 90% RH
Maximum Power Consumption 82.4 W
Maximum Heat Dissipation 281.16 BTU/h
Standby Power Consumption 43.9W
MTBF 487,153 hours
Comply with RoHS 6 Yes
Energy Efficiency Ethernet (EEE) Yes
Power Saving By LED Shut-Off Yes
Power Saving By Link Status Yes
Power Saving By Cable Length Yes
Power Saving By Port Shut-Off Yes
Power Saving By Port Standby Yes
Power Saving By System Hibernation Yes
Maximum PoE Budget 0
802.3x Flow Control Yes
Head-of-line (HOL) Blocking Prevention Yes
802.1D Spanning Tree (STP) Yes
802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree (MSTP) Yes
802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) Yes
BPDU Filtering Yes
BPDU Restriction Yes
Root Restriction Yes
G.8032 ERPS Yes
Multiple ERPS Ring Yes
802.1AX Link Aggregation Yes
Link Aggregation Group Per Device 32
802.3ad Link Aggregation Yes
Max Port Per Link Aggregation Group 8
Port Mirroring Yes
Flow-based (ACL) mirroring Yes
Jumbo Frame 9,216 (9K) Bytes
Loopback Detection (LBD) Yes
L2 Protocol Tunneling Yes
VLAN Groups 4094
802.1Q VLAN Yes
802.1v Protocol-based VLAN Yes
Voice VLAN Yes
Port-based VLAN Yes
MAC-based VLAN Yes
Auto Surveillance VLAN Yes
VLAN trunking Yes
Private VLAN Yes
Super VLAN Yes
Double VLAN (Q in Q) Yes
VLAN Translation Yes
ISM VLAN (Multicast VLAN) Yes
Selective Q in Q Yes
Asymmetric VLAN Yes
SFP ports 24
10GBASE-T ports 2
10G SFP+ ports 4
RJ-45 Console port 1
RJ-45 Management port 1
USB 2.0 port 1
1000Base-T Interface 0
1000Base-T PoE Interface 0
1000M SFP Interface 24
100M SFP Interface 0
10G SFP+ Interface 4
10GBase-T Interface 2
Console Port 1
USB Port 1
Max. Packet Forwarding Rate 125 Mpps
Switch Capacity 168 Gbps
Store & Forwarding Forwading Yes
Control Module Redundancy Yes
Power Input AC:100 ~ 240 V
Redundant Power Supply DPS-500A
CPU Speed 1.25GHz
Flash Memory Size 256MB NAND
Packet Buffer Size 2MB
Physical Stacking Yes
Physical Stacking Bandwidth 80G, with stacking port trunking
Units Per Physical Stack 9
D-Link Single IP Management (SIM) Yes
Units Per SIM Stack 32
MAC Address Table Size 16,384 (16K)
Black Hole MAC Address Yes
IGMP Proxy Reporting Yes
MLD Snooping Yes
IGMP Authentication Yes
MLD Snooping Groups 1,024
MLD Snooping Fast Leave Yes
MLD Proxy Reporting Yes
IGMP Snooping Yes
Max IGMP Snooping Groups 1,024
IGMP Snooping Fast Leave Yes
RIPv1 Yes
RIPv2 Yes
RIPng Yes
Number of Queue 8
IP Interface Yes
Loopback Interface Yes
Max Number of IP Interface 16
ARP Entries 2,048
Gratuitous ARP Yes
IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (ND) Yes
UDP Helper Yes
ND Entries 1,024
Weighted-Cost Multi-Path Route (WCMP) Yes
Route Preference Setting Yes
Route Redistribution Yes
Routing Table Entry 1,024
L3 Forwarding Table Entry 4,096
Equal-Cost Multi-Path Route (ECMP) Yes
Static Route Yes
Default Route Yes
Policy-based Route (PBR) Yes
Null Route Yes
Class of Service (CoS) Yes
Two Rate Three Color Marker (trTCM) Yes
Single Rate Three Color Marker (srTCM) Yes
Queue Handling Yes
Strict Priority Queue (SPQ) Yes
Weighted Round Robin (WRR) Yes
Weighted Deficit Round Robin (WDRR) Yes
Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED) Yes
Simple Random Early Detection (SRED) Yes
Port-based Bandwidth Control Yes
Flow-based bandwidth Control Yes
Queue-based Bandwidth Control Yes
Broadcast/Multicast/Unicast Storm Control Yes
Port Security Yes
Traffic Segmentation Yes
IP-MAC-Port Binding (IMPB) Yes
Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI) Yes
IPv6 Snooping Yes
DHCP Snooping Yes
IP Source Guard Yes
IPv6 Route Advertisement (RA) Guard Yes
DHCPv6 Guard Yes
IPv6 ND Inspection Yes
D-Link Safeguard Engine Yes
L3 Control Packet Filtering Yes
DHCP Client Filtering Yes
NetBIOS/NetBEUI filtering Yes
DHCP Server Screening Yes
BPDU Attack Protection Yes
ARP Spoofing Prevention Yes
DoS Attack Prevention Yes
Time based QoS Yes
Remark 802.1p priority Yes
Remark ToS/DSCP Yes
Rate Limiting Yes
IPv6 Access List Yes
Time based ACL Yes
CPU Interface Filtering Yes
Max Access Control List (ACL) Entries Yes
MAC Access List Yes
IP Access List Yes
Host based 802.1X Authentication Yes
Identity Driven 802.1X Policy Assignment Yes
Port based WAC Authentication Yes
Host based WAC Authentication Yes
Identity Driven WAC Policy Assignment Yes
Web-based Access Control (WAC) Yes
Port based MAC Authentication Yes
MAC-based Access Control (MAC) Yes
Identity Driven MAC Policy Assignment Yes
Host based MAC Authentication Yes
Compound Authentication Yes
Port based 802.1X Authentication Yes
802.1X Yes
Guest VLAN Yes
Privilege Level for Management Access Yes
Authentication for Management Access Yes
Microsoft® NAP Support Yes
RADIUS Accounting Yes
Authentication Database Failover Yes
Trusted Host Yes
Cable Diagnostics Yes
D-link Unidirectional Link Detection (DULD) Yes
802.3ah Ethernet Link OAM Yes
Dying Gasp Yes
802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) Yes
Y.1731 OAM Yes
Optical Transceiver Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) Yes
Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) Yes
Network Time Protocol (NTP) Yes
Web-based GUI Yes
Command Line Interface (CLI) Yes
Telnet Client Yes
Telnet Server Yes
SNMP Trap Yes
Secured FTP (SFTP) Server Yes
TFTP Client Yes
Command Logging Yes
ZModem Yes
System Log Yes
RMONv1 Yes
RMONv2 Yes
D-Link Discover Protocol (DDP) Yes
DHCP Auto-configuration Yes
DHCP relay Yes
DHCP/BootP Client Yes
DHCP Server Yes
Flash file system Yes
PPPoE Circuit-ID Tag Insertion Yes
Dual Images Yes
Multiple Images Yes
Editable Login Banner Yes
Dual Configurations Yes
Multiple Configurations Yes
Editable System Prompt Yes
Debug Command Yes
DNS Client Yes
Password Encryption Yes
Password Recovery Yes
Ping Yes
MTU Setting Yes
Traceroute Yes
Microsoft® Network Load Balancing (NLB) Yes
sFlow Yes
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